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MBC Game should be continued

Jeon Byung Heon, a member of the National Assembly, distribute the press release on 8th of December about what he thought of e-sports and the demise of MBC Game.

The cable channel MBC Game, known as GemBC previously, will be changed to MBC Music from 31st of January, 2012. MBC Plus Media submitted the application form for changing channel to Korea Communications Commission.

Korea’s game industry is the most competitive field among other contents. Game occupied about 52%(US$16 billion) of total Korean content export in 2010.

E-Sports. Which is built upon Starcraft League, in Korea is also very competitive. As a matter of fact, Korea has led e-sports throughout the world. E-Sports has important roles such as showing the right function of games to general societies as well as being the cornerstone of game industry.

He thinks we still have Ongamenet as the only e-sports cable channel, but there should be competitors like MBC Game to expand e-sports much deeply.  He also insists that the government should consider supporting MBC Game to do their business continuously.

Nexon Japan will be listed on 14th

Nexon will be listed on the Japanese Stock market on 14th of December. Nexon Japan’s initial offering stock price has been decided at 1,300Yen(US$16.72). The total of 425,388,900 stocks will be issuing on 14th is and 70 million stocks will be offered to new shareholders Nexon Japan’s market cap is 553 billion Yen.($US7,115 million), which is ahead of NCsoft’s market cap.

Nexon Korea is Nexon’s Japan’s 100% subsidiary company. NXC, the holding company, has 71.09% of Nexon Japan’s stokehold. The revenue recorded 934.3 billion Won (US$829 million) last year.