GStar2011 Held successfully

GStar2011 was held from 10th to 13th of October at Bexco Busan, Korea.

289,110 spectators and more than 200 companies, both the new record, participated in the event. However, some issues were remained as the homework for the organization.

The first issue was the small B2C and B2B areas. The most inconvenience was that B2B areas were separated at 3 different locations; especially it took 10 minutes to walk from 1st floor to 2nd&3rd
floor. That won’t happen next year!

Bexco is under construction for expanding the exhibition space. The 2nd Bexco, which is located at the left side of Bexco, will be available for GStar2012 B2B only. The size of 2nd Bexco is similar to existing Bexco itself. It will be connected to the original Bexco by a bridge. Therefore, you can expect 2 times bigger B2B section for 2012.

B2C will use the entire Bexco spaces with the new auditorium, which is located at the right side of Bexco. The auditorium will be used for events for game companies as well as press conference.

The second issue was Wifi. Some booth has a problem with internet at the 2nd day of Gstar2011 and mobile game companies like Com2uS had a serious problem with using Wifi because the organization prohibited using Wifi inside of B2C section. The organization promised solving Wifi problem and preparing more internet supports for the next year.

Other than the issues above, everyone agreed GStar2011 is getting better and better, especially B2B section.

What do you think?