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Rift Opens the Korean Official Site

MMORPG Rift from Trion World opens the official site for Korean publishing.

CJ E&M, Rift’s Korean Publisher, will publish the game through their gaming portal Netmarble. The game will be localized for Korean specifically to attract more Korean gamers. As the first step, they will reveal the video clip that explains Rift’s lore with full Korean subtitles.

The players could visit the official facebook page to get more informations about the game as well.

The event to celebrate the opening of the Korean official web site will be ongoing till 19th. The event prizes consist of cyber cash that could be used in Netmarble as well as coffee coupon from Starbucks.

The site and the facebook will be available from 3:00PM (EST 2:00AM, PST 11:00PM) 6th of October.

The official Korean RIFT site:

The official Facebook: