Total 50 million downloads from Gamevil


Gamevil broke the record total 50 million downloads. The company has about 30 smartphone games for both iOS and Android, another 30 games for domestic feature phone market. Especially, the company’s 4 most successful series include Baseball Superstar, Zenonia, Super Soccer and Air Penguin continues its success internationally.

Gamevil has prepared themselves for the international market from 2008 and started getting consequences from their efforts. The company targeted the environment that has been created by smartphone from the beginning and introduced lots games continuously to preoccupy the market.

In addition, they utilized Free 2 Play business model actively for their games as well as cooperated with foreign developers. Those things are harmonized with their years long experiences on publishing & marketing have made them so succeed in the market.

Gamevil will release Zenonia 4 soon.

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