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Winning Eleven Online Co-developed by KONAMI & NHN

The online version of Winning Eleven, a famous console soccer game series, will be co-developed by NHN and KONAMI Digital Entertainment.

Winning Eleven has dominated the console soccer game market almost 15 years. As online game based on PC is getting popular nowadays, KONAMI has decided to work with a reliable & experienced online game developer in Korea to expand its market to PC world.

Winning Eleven Online will consider PC friendly playing environment as well, which means you can play the game well with simple keyboard controls.

The exact launching date is unknown, but both companies agreed with having OBT within the next year and considering become one of e-sports main events. The contract between both companies is about Korean service only. They haven’t discussed about international publishing yet.

FIFA online, licensed from EA developed by Neowiz, is the top online soccer game in Korea now.

Could Winning Eleven stand against FIFA Online in Korea? The time only could tell us about it.

Special Force2 ranked 2nd in FPS genre

The sequel of Special Force, Service name in U.S is Soldier Front, ranked 2nd place on FPS game ranking in Korea. Special Force2 is developed by Dragonfly and published by CJ E&M. The #1 FPS game in Korea is Sudden Attack. It has not changed for a few years.

Special Force2 started the commercial service on 11th of August. The start is pretty good so far. Because the game was built upon Unreal3 engine, differences between 1 and 2 are huge including better graphics and better game system. Of course, it requires better hardware to run the game smoothly. For example, Duel Core CPU and Geforce 8600GT above graphic cards are required to play Special force2.

Usually, new games are ranked in high when they start OBT and the commercial service. Therefore we need to keep paying attention on Special Force2 for a while to confirm 2nd. However, So far Special Force 2 seems just fine.


Total 50 million downloads from Gamevil


Gamevil broke the record total 50 million downloads. The company has about 30 smartphone games for both iOS and Android, another 30 games for domestic feature phone market. Especially, the company’s 4 most successful series include Baseball Superstar, Zenonia, Super Soccer and Air Penguin continues its success internationally.

Gamevil has prepared themselves for the international market from 2008 and started getting consequences from their efforts. The company targeted the environment that has been created by smartphone from the beginning and introduced lots games continuously to preoccupy the market.

In addition, they utilized Free 2 Play business model actively for their games as well as cooperated with foreign developers. Those things are harmonized with their years long experiences on publishing & marketing have made them so succeed in the market.

Gamevil will release Zenonia 4 soon.

WCG 2011 LOL semifinal for Korean representative qulification

Final 4 teams of League of Legend who will represent Korea at WCG(World Cyber Games) 2011 was qualified. League of Legend(a.k.a LOL) became an official event of WCG from 2011.

League of Legend has more than 15 million users over the world and will be launching in Korea near future.

The next match-up for the final will be broadcasted at 1 o’clock on 10th, 12th, 15th and 19th of August through Ongamenet(

League of Legend is MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre of the game. The original idea came from famous Warcraft3 MOD called DOTA(Defense of The Ancients). The game has more than 70 heroes whom players could choose and each hero has unique abilities with custom built stats and attributes.

For more information about the game, you should visit the official web site( .

G-Star 2011, major booth placement for B2C confirmed

G-Star organizer confirmed the B2C booth placement of major companies for G-Star 2011.

The biggest booth would be NCsoft, Neowiz games, NHN, Nexon and Blizzard entertainment. The 2nd biggest are Webzen, Wemade Entertainment, CJ E&M, Mgame and Red5 Korea. There will be SEGA and Ongamenet, a cable gaming channel, as well.



The main difference comparing to the last year is that the main event stage will not be located inside of the building. Instead, visitors would expect more resting places.

Previously, the organizer planned to use all 3 exhibit halls for B2C. However, it will be the same as the last year; 2 and half halls for B2C and the rest places are for B2B.

The interesting point is Wenzen and Red5 Korea’s placement. Both companies are involving the law suit over the publishing rights for Asian territories of Firefall. Firefall is online FPS game with an open world environment and scheduled to be released on December, 2011.

Bexco where G-Star is held is under construction now to expand its exhibit room by the year 2012.