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Shutdown System is an unconstitutional regulation

A group of adolescent and parental associations announced ‘Shutdown system is an unconstitutional regulation that violates youth’s basic rights’.

They pointed out that Korean legislation and judiciary committee passed the shutdown system for online games on April 20th regardless of youths’ strong opposition. They mentioned that it cannot be solved any related issues by separating youths from online games physically without having a clear result of researching on game addiction,

According to the survey that Korean legislation academy has operated, 94.4% of youths said they will deceive the law somehow by stealing adults’ social security numbers etc. and keep play online games during the curfew. This result hinted us that shutdown system cannot be a fundamental solution for adolescent’s online game addiction.

They finally declare that shutdown system must be stopped right away because it is an anti-cultural and anti-educational regulation towards adolescent. They will keep protest through various ways like filing a constitutional appeal and issuing a statement of protest through international association etc.

On the other hand, online game related stocks have not shown any changes even after the shutdown system was passed yesterday. Analysts forecast that “the ratio affected by the shutdown system is limited to 1.9% compared to the total playing time from actual game web sites. Therefore, it will be very limited to damage online game total sales”.