[Nexon] Dungeon Fighter Online Made 141.6 M in 2009

Nexon’s Auditor’s report revealed that Neople, a developer of Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO), generated revenue of 1.6 billion Won (US$ 141 million) and profit of 99.9 billion Won (US$ 90.8 million) in 2009.

Net profit grew 350% compared to a year ago, from 28.7 billion Won (US$ 26.1 million). Such massive growth is stemmed from loyalty revenue from the Chinese market and favorable exchange rates.?Tencent, a DFO publisher in China, announced that MCU reached 2.2 million last month.

Nexon acquired Neople in 2008 for 385.2 billion Won (US$350.2 million).

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