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[Korea] Nexon Star and Lime Odyssey Enters OBT and CBT

Hybrid social networking game, Lime Odyssey and Nexon Star unveiled their updated contents through OBT and CBT respectively.

In 2008, Lime Odyssey received attention for its former Ragnarok developer team and illustration and now they kick off the 3rd CBT from April 28 till May 2. Sirius Entertainment is self-publishing the game in Korea.

Nexon Star enters OBT on APril 29. Ever since its introduction at Gstar in 2008, it has been undergoing series of tests for a year and a half. As you probably guessed, Nexon is a developer/publisher of Nexon Star.

[Korea] Company of Heroes & Quake Wars Go Online

Two popular computer games, Company of Heroes and Quake Wars, goes online and kicks off OBT in Korea.

Company of Heroes Online is operated by Windysoft. The online adaptation?is true to the original PC game and 16 campaigns from the original will be available for free in order to offer users accessibility. The OBT begins on April 27.

Quake Wars Online is released by Dragonfly in Korea and enters OBT from April 30. Quake Wars Online is expected to be a persistent Quake Wars.

[Korea] Battlezone and Oz Chronicle Get Renewal

Battlezone Plus, a 2D shooting game, kicks off OBT on April 27 in Korea. Battlezone Plus claims it adjusted balancing issue between characters and increased moving speed.

Ani Park‘s Oz Chronicle got a renewal as After 537: Oz. The game is portraying 537 years after Oz Chronicle, hence the title. The game enters the 1st CBT on April 28 and continues till May 2. Once they are done with the test, there is going to update on Oz Chronicle server big time. NetMarble is publishing the game in Korea.

[Korea] Weekly Update

Sequels such as Audition 2 and ChangChun2 (창천2: Kor) are entering CBT this week in Korea.

Audition 2

Thanks to its strong female user base, T3 Entertainment, developer of Audition, enjoyed its success and now introduces Audition 2 kicking off the 1st CBT from April 28 to May 4 in Korea. Audition 2, partnering with yd online one more time, features ample fashion items (more than 1,500), glamorous graphics and game community.

Changchun 2

WeMade claimed that Changchun2 is more like a traditional MMORPG rather than its predecessor being action MMORPG. Its first CBT begins on April 29 and continues till May 3.

[Indy21] Newly Partnering with Live Gamer Asia for Nine Dragons

Indy21, a Seoul-based online game developer, announced that its Martial Arts MMORPG, Nine Dragons, will be serviced by its new partner Live Gamer Asia in Korea as of April 30. The current publishing agreement with Nexon expires on April 26.