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[Lemon] First Mobile-to-PC Cross-platform MMORPG Fantasia

Lemon, a Seoul-based mobile game developer, announced that Fantasia is scheduled for release in 2010. Fantasia is a MMORPG which does not require any installation. As constantly syncing between PC and mobile phones, players will not miss a beat whether they are on the go or in front of PC at home.

Fantasia is scheduled to launch in Korean next year.

[Gstar] D-1 Preview

For those who can’t go to Gstar because you have to spend some time with your family over this Thanksgiving holidays, here are some snapshots that TIG took in BEXCO, Busan, Korea. Most booths are still in the process of set-up. Click here and you can follow without English?subtitles. (But if you can’t, ask me away.)

[Gstar] No more GirlStar

Sorry fellas. There won’t be much booth babes galleries to enjoy at this year’s Gstar. The G-Star 2009 (November 26~29 at BEXCO, Busan) paid extra attention to family friendliness by banning any provocative?wardrobe (no bikini bottoms or no deep side slit skirts – obviously Gstar doesn’t know why E3 died) and requiring underage attendees to wear age verified wristbands.

This year G-Star 2009 is held at BEXCO in Busan changing the venue from the usual KINTEX. The exhibition will begin on the 26th November 2009 and will go on till November 29. Mgame and Blizzard are exhibiting for the first time. The returning exhibitors include NHN, Nexon, NCsoft, Neowiz Games, CJ Internet, and WeMade Entertainment.