[NtreevSoft] Aiming for (Big) Game Portal

gametreeNtreevSoft revealed its ambition to be the next ____. (Fill the blank with Nexon, Hangame, Pmang or other big game portals in Korea)

Meet Gametree (it’s not officially open yet) that Ntreev will use as platform to publish existing games likes of Pangya, Trickster, Dinomachia (디노마키아: Kor), Blackshot, Land of Magic (신마법의 대륙: Kor) and upcoming games likes of Three Kingdoms (三國志 Online: Jap) from KOEI, Let’s Make A Pro Baseball Team! 2 (プロ野球チ?ムをつくろう!ONLINE 2: Jpn) and in-house production Project Alice.

The company also plans to add flash games and mobile games down the road.

What do you think?