[Korea] Weekly Update

Korean players are overwhelmed by all game-related events and conferences this week. Besides gamescom in Germany and Blizzcon in U.S., the much-anticipated Tera is going on CBT. Also, note that Korea is not all about online games. Among few console game developers in Korea,?SOFTMAX is releasing Magna Carta 2 for Xbox.

Nova 2 (RTS)

  • Developer: Aramaru (아라마루: Kor)
  • Publisher: CJ Internet (Netmarble)
  • Status: OBT (8/17)
  • Sequel to Nova 1492 serviced since 2002 and had 5 million RUs.


  • Developer: Bluehole Studio
  • Publisher: NHN (Hangame)
  • Status: 1st CBT (8/22~23)
  • 2 days, 200 testers only

Rusty Hearts (Action MMORPG)

  • Developer: Stairway Games (스테어웨이 게임즈: Kor)
  • Publisher: Windysoft (Windyzone)
  • Staus: Focus Group Test with 3,000 testers (8/21~23)

Legend of Edda (MMORPG)

  • Korean Title: 에다전설
  • Developer/ Publisher: EYA Interactive (Eyagames)
  • Status: Focus Group Test (8/21~23)

Fighters Club (Action)

  • Developer: KOG
  • Publisher: KOG & SBSi
  • Staus: 2nd reCBT (8/17~9/4)

Magna Carta 2 (RPG)

  • Developer: SOFTMAX
  • Release Date: August 20
  • Xbox, Korean version

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