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[NtreevSoft] Aiming for (Big) Game Portal

gametreeNtreevSoft revealed its ambition to be the next ____. (Fill the blank with Nexon, Hangame, Pmang or other big game portals in Korea)

Meet Gametree (it’s not officially open yet) that Ntreev will use as platform to publish existing games likes of Pangya, Trickster, Dinomachia (디노마키아: Kor), Blackshot, Land of Magic (신마법의 대륙: Kor) and upcoming games likes of Three Kingdoms (三國志 Online: Jap) from KOEI, Let’s Make A Pro Baseball Team! 2 (プロ野球チ?ムをつくろう!ONLINE 2: Jpn) and in-house production Project Alice.

The company also plans to add flash games and mobile games down the road.

[NHN] C9 reached 70,000 CCU

C9 did it again; it just reached 70,000 CCUs since it began the OBT last August 15. On its first day of OBT alone, the game attracted 42,300 users. Even after the school starts, which usually results in less players in online games, users just keep coming back for more. According to NHN, C9 now consists of 7 worlds and 182 channels which are running full most of time.

You may think it’s just what the company says to hype the game but PC Bang stats back this up as well. According to Gametrics, the research firm specialized on PC Bang, C9 jumped up its ranking and landed on 11th with market share of 2.92% followed by Dungeon and Fighter.


[Nexon] Brings SP1 Chinese version with Gamania

SilientPlot1 (aka SP1) is now playable in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau thanks to Silver Potion (developer), Nexon (publisher), Gamania (local publishing partner in theses regions). I’ve got nothing more to say other than I was told there is an in-game character that looks like the girl in costume. For those who might wonder, it’s from the promotion event in Taiwan. (How come we don’t have such thing in America?!)


[Neowiz] Beefs up RPG lines with Monster Hunter

Neowiz started ‘channeling’ Monster Hunter Frontier Online via its game portal Pmang in Korea. NHN, the official local publishing partner of Capcom, began the OBT last August. Monster Hunter adopted a payment scheme from the Japanese service-? free-to-play up to level 10 then charges 16,500 Won (about US$ 13) monthly subscription fee in Korea.


Broken Links

For those who had a trouble with accessing this site for last couple of days, I apologize for your inconvenience. “Broken Links” was the message I’ve been getting and it drove me crazy! We found that there’s been cyber attack on our site and now working on it. Hope y’all enjoying the site!