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[Redduck] A.V.A developer working on a new game

redduckRedduck, a Korean developer famous for its FPS game A.V.A, is working on a new Sci-Fi FPS game. Its working title is <Project R> and using Unreal Engine 3 like A.V.A.

You may be able to catch a glimpse during Gstar since the company is scheduling its debut to public with a prospective publisher.

The OBT is scheduled to be sometime next summer.

[Dungeon Fighter] Set the launch date for Taiwan

DNFLast May I posted a news that Neople is going to publish Dungeon Figther in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao in 3Q with the local publishing partner, Gamania. Now they set up an official launch date for DNF as July 16th.

Gamania had a CBT from June and used up 60,000 beta keys right after they became available to gamers.

[Riot Games] US-made online game gone free

riot gamesIt’s no secret that there’s been several attempts to make free to play or micro-transaction business model work in the United States. This is one of the stories.

Riot Games, a LA-based developer, decided to make its online game called League of Legends free to play. The company will also offer a Collector’s Pack at retail outlets.

[Aeria Games] Launches Shaiya in Turkey


Shaiya, a MMORPG developed by Sonov and published by Aeria Games in North America and Europe, is going to be available in Turkish as well. The CBT date is not announced yet but you can sign up at the Turkish website.

[NtreevSoft] Partnering with Daewon Media to bring Power Ranger to online game

Have you dreamed about the day you can play Power Rangers on your PC? Your dream came true or at least close to come true.

NtreevSoft, Korean developer and publisher of the popular golf game Pangya (팡야: Kor)?announced that the company will be working with Daewon Media and IronNos in Korea to develop an action RPG game based on Power Rangers. So Power Ranger fans out there dream on.