[Emergent] Middleware Partnership Agreement with Pixelux

emergentEmergent™ Game Technologies, a 3D Game development solution provider, and Pixelux Entertainment, Geneva-based inventors of the Digital Molecular Matter technology (DMM), today announced a middleware partnership agreement.

In the scope of this agreement, Pixelux’s DMM technology will be integrated with upcoming versions of Emergent’s Gamebryo? and Gamebryo LightSpeed™ products. DMM is a technology for simulating material physics, or the dynamic behaviour of objects made of realistic materials. DMM handles soft-body, plastically deforming (e.g., bending metal) and breakable objects all within the same system.

As part of the integration with Gamebryo, a DMM plugin and multiple DMM samples provide game developers an easy starting point as well as a streamlined interactive environment to create and edit deformable and breakable materials in the Gamebryo SDK.

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