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Today’s Game Launch

Here is a list of games that is launched or will be lauched soon;

ARENA Online (3D Fantasy MMORPG)

Archlord: Arch Battle of the World (MMOPRG)

  • Publisher: Webzen
  • Developer: NHN Games
  • Status: OBT starts in August, 2009
  • Language: English

Gates of Andaron (Fantasy MMOG)

La Tale (2D side-scrolling MMORPG)

[ALLM] Parting from CDC Games on Lunia

LuniaEtimes reported that ALLM, a Korea-based developer of Lunia: Record of Lunia War, decided to terminate its service agreement with CDC Games.

According to Etimes, ALLM claimed that CDC Games banned the company’s IP addresses with notice and continued to operate the game on their own. The other allegations include that CDC Games hasn’t paid its royalty and licensing fee which is altogether roughly around USD 600,000 and posted unauthorized false posting on the game website.

CDC Games launched the Lunia’s OBT on February 2009 in China and has attracted more than one million users in a month.

[Gala Group] Online Gaming Business Sales Report

Gala Group who operates an online game portal, gPotato, in Japan, North America, and Europe posted a?preliminary sales report on their corporate website.

Here’s a snapshot;

(FYI, For those too lazy to look up exchange rates, I kindly converted them into US Dollars for comparison with local currency.)


[Emergent] Middleware Partnership Agreement with Pixelux

emergentEmergent™ Game Technologies, a 3D Game development solution provider, and Pixelux Entertainment, Geneva-based inventors of the Digital Molecular Matter technology (DMM), today announced a middleware partnership agreement.

In the scope of this agreement, Pixelux’s DMM technology will be integrated with upcoming versions of Emergent’s Gamebryo? and Gamebryo LightSpeed™ products. DMM is a technology for simulating material physics, or the dynamic behaviour of objects made of realistic materials. DMM handles soft-body, plastically deforming (e.g., bending metal) and breakable objects all within the same system.

As part of the integration with Gamebryo, a DMM plugin and multiple DMM samples provide game developers an easy starting point as well as a streamlined interactive environment to create and edit deformable and breakable materials in the Gamebryo SDK.

[rAge] Gaming Expo in South Africa

I haven’t had a chance to meet anyone working for the gaming industry in South Africa so I can’t really say for sure but if you are interested in entering the market, this might be the place to start.

The South Africa’s biggest consumer gaming and technology expo will be taking place from October 2~4 at the Coca-Cola Dome in Northgate.

For more information please visit their website, or?contact 011 704 2679, or visit the official rAge 2009 forums.