[NCsoft] Five former employees guilty of leaking company secrets

The verdict on the case of five former NCsoft developers involved with the Lineage 3 has been announced by the?Seoul Central District Court last Friday. Five defendants have been found guilty of leaking company secrets. Amongst five, three will receive from 8 months to a year and a half jail term, ?two years’ probation. Other two get a US$ 5,384 fine (or 7M Won)

The court recognized “the former employees had contacted with Square Enix Japan with an intention to sell and in fact ended up with leaking company secrets, which caused damage to NCsoft.” However the court didn’t find an evidence that some of defendants actually used the Lineage 3 data they stored on a hard drive disk when leaving the company, for a new game in a studio they started.

This is the criminal penalties apart from a US$500,000 civil suit that has been filed by NCsoft against these employees last August.

We reached NCsoft for a comment but don’t have one on the sentencing yet.

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