[MapleStory] Happy 6th anniversary!

Nexon’s mega-hit online mmorpge game, Maple Story, became 6-year-old and is still going strong- everywhere. Gamasutra just posted “Nexon’s MapleStory Reaches 92 Million Global Users” and a quick naver search led me to this awesome posting(sorry folks. It’s in Korean.) that summarizes the worldwide Maple Story operation in a snapshot. And this blogger knows what he’s talking about because he is the editor-in-chief in Kyung Hyang Games (again, it’s in Korean).

Just to a few takeaways;

– China

– Taiwan

  • Publisher: Gamania Digital Entertainment
  • Homepage:?www.maplestory.com.tw
  • Current Status: Started in July 2005. 3.5M RUs and 180K CCUs

– Thailand

– Japan

  • Publisher: Nexon Japan
  • Homepage:?www.maplestory.jp
  • Current Status: Started in November 2003. 900K RUs and 2.7K CCUs

– Singapore

  • Publisher: AsiaSoft
  • Homepage:?www.maplesea.com
  • Current Status: Started in June 2005. 550K RUs and 30K CCUs

– USA (Global)

  • Publisher: NXGames
  • Homepage:?www.mapleglobal.com
  • Current Status: Started in October 2005. 1.5M RUs and 50K CCUs

And if you may feel some numbers are off, you are right. After writing so far, I realized it’s posted 3 years ago! But I figured I’d keep it since it may be still helpful to someone out there. I warned you so don’t blame me later.

Looks like they’ve launched in Hong Kong, Europe, Vietname, and Brazil.

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